Water Less, Save More!

Did you know that during the spring and summer months about 80% of the water used at home is for yard and landscape irrigation, and 50% of that is wasted?

Sign up for WATER MY YARD, a scientific way to take the guesswork out watering decisions.

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Irry Gator

The West Harris County Regional Water Authority (WHCRWA) invites area residents to access “tech support” for making irrigation decisions using the new  WATER MY YARD system.

WATER MY YARD is based on a scientific process – EVAPO-TRANSPIRATION (or E.T.) – that’s as old as time.

E.T. is a measurement of the total amount of water needed to grow plants and crops. The term is a combination of the word evaporation (loss of water from the soil in the form of a vapor or gas) and the word transpiration (the loss of water from the plants and grasses themselves). Instead of phoning home…this E.T. sends subscribers a watering alert via text or email!

Critical link to water conservation…

Turf grass – primarily St. Augustine — is the largest irrigated “crop” in America. A study by NASA scientists estimates there is a total of more than 63,000 square miles of lawn in America — about the size of Texas. During spring and summer months, about 80 percent of residential water use is for lawn and garden irrigation; almost 50 percent of that (potable) drinking water is wasted on lawns that aren’t even “thirsty.” Overwatering ‘tricks’ the turf into growing shallow roots, which then crave more frequent watering.

Combined with other water conservation strategies – like installing a “smart” irrigation controller and a rain sensor, completing watering before dawn, and cutting back the length or number of irrigation cycles – following the weekly WATER MY YARD irrigation suggestions will help you achieve a trifecta – having a great looking lawn, avoiding wasting a valuable resource, AND saving money on your water bill.